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Regarding the new conditions of living of foreign citizens in Russia


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia plans to refuse a temporary residency permit for a foreign citizen, while it is proposed to introduce three migration regimes of stay:

• Short-term stay regime (stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation for no more than 90 days in total during a calendar year);

• Long-term stay regime (stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 90 days during a calendar year without registration of permanent residence);

• Permanent residence regime (permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation, assigned indefinitely).

According to the new bill, foreign citizens will need to have accounts on the portal of public services. With the help of the portal, the state will notify people:

• about the upcoming expiration of the terms of stay in Russia,
• about the need to pass a medical examination, pay fines  and other important obligations.

Another innovation is a single identity document on the territory of Russia, with an electronic data carrier. It will store fingerprints and a photo of a foreign citizen. Such a document will allow the following:

• connect to public services,
• make transactions online and receive electronic signatures,
• do not pass the fingerprinting procedure at the border.

In the case of a short-term stay, the foreigner is obligated to declare the purpose of his or her arrival. This can be tourism, private or business trip, training, work, humanitarian aid and transit. The purposes of a long-term stay can be humanitarian, private and business trips, training, and or work. The basis for a long-term stay in the country can be employment, study  in one of the educational or scientific organizations that have state accreditation, or undergoing medical treatment. Foreign workers will be able to change the purpose of their stay in Russia without leaving the country.

Investors with an authorized capital of at least 100 million rubles, persons who provide temporary asylum or protection, as well as foreign parents who work in Russia and who have minor children with Russian citizenship also have the right to long-term stay.

Such a document will be mandatory for obtaining legal status in the Russian Federation.

Also, to regulate labor migration, it is planned to introduce a register of unscrupulous inviting persons - individuals and legal entities.

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