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Regarding changes in the legal status of foreign citizens in Russia


President of the Russian Federation has signed a law on amendments to the Federal Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation".

The changes affected various aspects of the stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation, which are presented below.

According to this law, foreign citizens are required to submit and pass drug tests for the  use of narcotics  or other psychotropic substances. Except for the following categories of persons:

• citizens of the Republic of Belarus,
• persons under 6 years of age,
• holders of diplomatic and service passports, employees of embassies and diplomatic missions and employees of international organizations.

The above-mentioned law amends the procedure for the operation and registration of the main documents of foreign citizens, namely:

• Without taking into account the quota approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, citizens of Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine can now get a temporary residency permit.

• Without limitation of the validity period, a residency  permit will be issued in the form of a card with an electronic data carrier, data on the full name, place of birth, citizenship, details of identity documents, as well as a photo and fingerprints will be recorded.

• If a foreign citizen is registered with a tax authority and has a TIN, the term for issuing a patent will be reduced to five days.

• The period of temporary stay of foreign employees from EAEU Member States and their family members is extended for the duration of the employment or civil law contract. If the contract is indefinite, the period of temporary stay is extended to 1 year from the date of entry. The specified period of temporary stay may be repeatedly extended, but not for more than 1 year for each such extension.

• The period of temporary stay of foreign citizens from visa-free countries who are family members of Russian citizens or foreigners with a residency permit is extended for up to one year from the date of their entry into the Russian Federation. The term may be extended repeatedly, but not for more than one year for each such extension.

It is important to note that on July 1, 2021, the norms that establish the possibility of obtaining a temporary residency permit without a quota for citizens of Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as obtaining a residency permit with an electronic data carrier, came into force. The remaining provisions of the law will come into force on December 29, 2021.

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