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Regarding simplification of the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship


According to the Federal Law, which came into force on July 24, 2020, the process of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation was simplified. The following changes have been made:

1. foreign citizens have the right to apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation, without the condition of renunciation of the citizenship they already have.

2. foreign citizens who are legally married to a Russian citizen and have common children will be able to obtain citizenship under the simplified procedure.

3. In case a foreign citizen has a Temporary Residence Permit or a Permanent Residence Permit, it will be possible to apply for Russian citizenship immediately without meeting the condition of marriage and without presenting a document confirming the source of income.

4. The condition about the term of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation will not apply also to foreign citizens, if they have at least one parent who has Russian citizenship and is a permanent resident of Russia.

5. citizens of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan can receive citizenship under a simplified procedure provided that they are permanently resident (have a permanent residence permit). For the citizens of these countries the point about the necessary period of residence with the permanent residence permit has been excluded, it is possible to obtain the status of the Russian Federation citizen at once.

6. The procedure of simplification of obtaining citizenship will also apply to adults, capable persons without citizenship, who had citizenship of the USSR, lived or are living in countries that were formerly part of the USSR, and who have not received citizenship of these countries as an exception to the following requirements:
- there is no need to live for five years with a permanent residence permit;
- there is no need to present a document confirming the source of income.

Similar exemptions are also fixed for foreign citizens permanently residing in Russia who are recognized as native speakers of the Russian language.

7. The mandatory requirement for the duration of employment of foreign employees who received education in Russia after July 1, 2002 has been reduced from 3 years to 1 year.

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