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Hotels and restaurants

The restaurant and hotel business in Russia is developing rapidly and is responding to the basic economic laws of supply and demand. This market combines trade and services. Legislation regulating the economic activities of the restaurant and hotel industry is very versatile and diverse.


In this regard, the firm of LEVINE Bridge assists Russian and foreign companies on:

- Comprehensive legal support on projects for construction and the operation of facilities of restaurant and hotels;

- Transactions with real estate;

- Preparation and the review of commercial contracts;

- Legal regulation of labour relations, including the recruitment and employment of foreign workers (visas to Russia, the processing of work permits in Moscow, official invitations and the registration of foreigners etc.);

- Interaction with public authorities, including with the regulatory authorities.

"... The experience of work together has clearly demonstrated high quality, competence and responsibility of LEVINE Bridge ..."
Head of Representation of a pharmaceutical company.

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